Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Geert Wilders is Right

With well over 30 venues and counting rejecting a visiting Dutch MP, it is getting very hard indeed to see how freedom and democracy have much of a leg to stand on in Australia. Things may already be too late. When a guest speaker is not allowed to warn us of threats to our freedoms, then things may have reached the point of no return.

One of the latest debacles was another Perth venue breaking its contract at the last minute, leaving many hundreds with nowhere to go. So at this late stage Wilders may not be able to speak there at all. In a democracy, allowing those with a different point of view the right to speak is paramount. But we are seeing this screeching to a halt here in Australia.

Of course it is not just the oppressive and undemocratic nature of Islam which is responsible for this reprehensible attack on freedom of speech. The Islamists are being aided and abetted by leftist activist groups. Indeed, they have been the main ones threatening to disrupt and shut down any event featuring Wilders.

The activist groups have been working overtime here, using the social media especially for a search and destroy mission: they have been asking anyone who knows where the meetings will be, or any catering for them, etc, to be exposed, so they can come and be their intolerant best – all in the name of tolerance of course.

Bill Muehlenberg

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